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Flushing, Holloway, and Uniontown

The old building is the Stratton Flour Mill. It is where they made flour for pancakes. The milk bottles are from the old dairy that used to be in Flushing. The crates are what they transported the milk in.
Cy Young was an important contributor to the Old Timers’ organization in the area. He was honored by being at the dedication of the baseball field at Schuler Park. Cy Young was a very famous professional baseball player who has an award named after him
Flushing is also the birthplace of Reverdy Ransom. Mr. Ransom was a leading civil rights activist and served as the 48th Bishop of African Methodist Episcopal Church. “The Reverdy Cassisus Ransom Memorial Library” can be found on the campus of Wilberforce University in Ohio. Affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, it was the first college to be owned and operat-ed by African Americans.
Flushing is also home to the Underground Railroad
Museum which is open by appointment and features books and artifacts pertaining to the history of slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Holloway’s claim to fame was the railroad. It was one of the hubs for the railroad with the roundhouse being locat-ed here. For this reason, the school team was called the Railroaders. The jacket belonged to the fire chief in the 1950s.


Uniontown was given the name for the United Presbyterian Church there. People from several villages attended it, so in a way it united them. The book and chair are from the church from 1890.
The photos of the workers are of the road (331) being built.

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