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Barnesville, Hendrysburg, Somerton, 
and Temperanceville

The cartoon is of Hopalong Cassidy. William Boyd, who portrayed him, was born in Hendrysburg.


The cabin in a replica of the cabin that Wilson Shannon was born in. He was the first governor that was born in the state.

These are all dresses from the Victorian Mansion Museum. Ladies in the 1890s would have worn these. The house is the Victorian Mansion Museum. It was owned by one of the wealthiest families in Barnesville, the Bradfields. It is now a museum that shows what life was like in the Victorian Era in America.

The strawberries represent Barnesville’s history with the fruit. After tobacco, Barnesville became known as the “Strawberry Capital” for such quality strawberries, shipping them to many cities across the country.
The workers in this picture are at the Watt Car and Wheel Co. It specialized in making wheels and cars to be used in mining and on the railroad.

The band uniform belonged to a member of the Somerton High School band.

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